About NCPC

The Northwestern Cancer Prevention Consortium (NCPC) started in 2003 under Ray Bergan, MD, funded through a contract with the National Cancer Institution Division of Cancer Prevention. The program was renewed in 2012, with Lifang Hou, MD, PhD as the Consortium's Co-Principal Investigator. In 2015, Seema Khan MD, MPH took over as the Consortium's Principal Investigator. Northwestern is one of five NCI DCP Consortia Lead Organizations in the United States and was renewed in 2019.

NCPC programs conduct phase 0, phase I, and phase II trials related to cancer prevention. The trials usually: 

  • study people in high-risk categories for certain types of cancer (colorectal adenoma, BRCA+, liver cirrhosis)

  • are placebo-controlled

  • enroll between 15 and 150 participants

  • have treatment phase that lasts between 1 and 6 months

  • are completed within two years

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